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How it Works

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It’s free! Simply describe project requirements, and wait for experts to find your project.

Pick a Proposal

Review the expert proposals that you receive and select the one that best suits your needs.

Pay Expert

After you approve of the completed work, expert is paid via TransLans SecurePay. It’s that easy!

What is TransLans?

TransLans.com is a website dedicated to connecting employers with experts in fields related to traffic and transportation engineering around the globe. Employers from all over the world can post their projects here on TransLans.com, and experts can submit their proposals for consideration. Once a proposal is selected, the expert completes the project to the satisfaction of the employer, and the expert is paid for their work according to the terms agreed to in the proposal. It really is that easy!

Experts who work on TransLans.com are able to offer their expertise in a wide-range of fields, including: Transportation planning, Modeling, Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Research, Animation and Graphics, Traffic Surveying, and many more.

Join today and find out how TransLans.com can change the way you do business in the transportation and traffic industry!
Example Project:
Suppose you have a VISSIM modeling project consists of 25 intersections and 5 miles of freeway, just to set up an existing condition model it requires about 200 man hours. That would be about $10,000 considering $50 per hour and it also takes time away of a senior engineer from important project matters.  Students and freelancers on this site can help with the project at economical cost about $3,000 to $4,000 (60% savings) based on negotiations.  Employers and freelancers both can benefit from this platform.  Hopefully you can take advantage it.  Contact Us if you have any questions or suggestions.